QEP Resources, Inc.

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QEP RESOURCES, INC. filed this Form S-8 on 05/31/2018
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Item 6. Indemnification of Officers and Directors.

Our amended and restated bylaws provide that we must indemnify to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law any person made, threatened to be made a party or otherwise involved in in any action, suit or proceeding (whether civil, criminal, administrative or investigative), by reason of the fact that he or she is or was one of our directors or officers or by reason of the fact that such director or officer, at our request, is or was serving as a director, officer, employee or agent of another corporation or of a partnership, joint venture, trust, enterprise or nonprofit entity. However, under our bylaws, except for proceedings to enforce the right to indemnification, we are not required to indemnify anyone in connection with any proceeding initiated by such person unless it was authorized by our board of directors. In addition, we have entered into indemnification agreements with each of our directors and executive officers that provide for indemnification and expense advances to the fullest extent permitted under the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware (the “DGCL”).

Pursuant to Section 145 of the DGCL, we generally have the power to indemnify our current and former directors, officers, employees and agents against expenses and liabilities that they incur in connection with any suit to which they are, or are threatened to be made, a party by reason of their serving in such positions so long as they acted in good faith and in a manner they reasonably believed to be in, or not opposed to, our best interests, and with respect to any criminal action, they had no reasonable cause to believe their conduct was unlawful. The statute expressly provides that the power to indemnify or advance expenses authorized thereby is not exclusive of any rights granted under any charter provision, bylaw, agreement, vote of stockholders or disinterested directors, or otherwise, both as to actions in such person’s official capacity and as to action in another capacity while holding such office. We also have the power to purchase and maintain insurance for such directors and officers.

We maintain an insurance policy on behalf of our officers and directors pursuant to which (subject to the limits and limitations of such policy) the officers and directors are insured against certain expenses in connection with the defense of actions or proceedings, and certain liabilities which might be imposed as a result of such actions or proceedings, to which any of them is made a party by reason of being or having been a director or officer. The rights conferred on any person indemnified pursuant to the Company’s bylaws will not be exclusive of any other rights which he may have or subsequently acquire under any statute, provision of the Company’s certificate of incorporation, its bylaws, agreement, vote of stockholders or disinterested directors or otherwise.

Although the above discussion summarizes the material provisions of QEP’s bylaws and Section 145 of the DGCL, it is not intended to be exhaustive and is qualified in its entirety by each of those documents and that statute.

Item 7. Exemption from Registration Claimed.

Not applicable.

Item 8. Exhibits.




  4.1    Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation dated May 15, 2018. (Incorporated by reference to Exhibit 3.1 to our Form 8-K dated May 15, 2018 filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 17, 2018.)
  4.2    Amended and Restated Bylaws, deemed effective October 23, 2017. (Incorporated by reference to Exhibit 3.2 to our Form 10-Q dated October 25, 2017 filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on October 25, 2017.)
  5.1*    Opinion of Latham & Watkins LLP
23.1*    Consent of Latham & Watkins LLP (included in the opinion filed as Exhibit 5.1 to this registration statement)
23.2*    Consent of Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP
23.3*    Consent of Ryder Scott Company, L.P.
23.4*    Consent of DeGolyer and MacNaughton
24.1*    Power of Attorney (included on the signature page of this registration statement)


* Filed herewith.