QEP Resources, Inc.

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QEP RESOURCES, INC. filed this Form DEF 14A on 04/05/2018
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The Plan’s purpose is to enhance the Company’s ability to attract, retain and motivate persons who make (or are expected to make) important contributions to the Company by providing these individuals with equity ownership opportunities. Capitalized terms used in the Plan are defined in Section 11.


Service providers (Service Providers) are eligible to be granted Awards under the Plan, subject to the limitations described herein.

3.Administration and Delegation.

(a)Administration.    The Plan is administered by the Administrator. The Administrator has authority to determine which Service Providers receive Awards, grant Awards and set Award terms and conditions, subject to the conditions and limitations in the Plan. The Administrator also has the authority to take all actions and make all determinations under the Plan and adopt, amend and repeal Plan administrative rules, guidelines and practices as it deems advisable. The Administrator may correct defects and ambiguities, supply omissions and reconcile inconsistencies in the Plan or any Award as it deems necessary or appropriate to administer the Plan and any Awards. The Administrator’s determinations under the Plan are in its sole discretion and will be final and binding on all persons having or claiming any interest in the Plan or any Award.

(b)Appointment of Committees.    To the extent Applicable Laws permit, the Board may delegate any or all of its powers under the Plan to one or more Committees. The Board may abolish any Committee or re-vest in itself any previously delegated authority at any time.

4.Stock Available for Awards.

(a)Number of Shares.    Subject to adjustment under Section 8 and the terms of this Section 4, Awards may be made under the Plan covering up to the Overall Share Limit. As of the Plan’s effective date under Section 10(c), the Company will cease granting awards under the Prior Plans; however, Prior Plan Awards will remain subject to the terms of the applicable Prior Plan. Shares issued under the Plan may consist of authorized but unissued Shares, Shares purchased on the open market or treasury Shares.

(b)Share Recycling. Except as provided in subsection (c) below, if all or any part of an Award or Prior Plan Award expires, lapses or is terminated, exchanged for cash, surrendered, repurchased, canceled without having been fully exercised or forfeited, in any case, in a manner that results in the Company acquiring Shares covered by the Award or Prior Plan Award for less than Fair Market Value or not issuing any Shares covered by the Award or Prior Plan Award, the unused Shares covered by the Award or Prior Plan Award will, as applicable, become or again be available for Award grants under the Plan.

(c)Limitation on Share Recycling. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the following Shares shall not be added to the Shares authorized for grant under this Section 4(a) and shall not be available for future grants of Awards:

(i)Shares tendered by a Participant or withheld by the Company in payment of the exercise price of an Option or a Stock Appreciation Right;

(ii)Shares tendered by the Participant or withheld by the Company to satisfy any tax withholding obligation with respect to an Award;