QEP Resources, Inc.

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SEC Filings

QEP RESOURCES, INC. filed this Form DEF 14A on 04/05/2018
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The Retention Letters provide, for each of our named executive officers other than Mr. Stanley and Mr. Doleshek, for a one-time cash retention payment of $500,000, payable within 15 days after March 1, 2019, subject to continued employment through such date. If the executive's employment is terminated by the Company without cause or the executive resigns employment for good reason prior to such date, the executive will be eligible to receive a pro-rated amount of the retention payment.

The Severance Letters, which each of our named executive officers have entered into, provide that in the event the executive's employment with the Company is terminated without cause or the executive resigns his or her employment for good reason (as such terms are defined in the Severance Letters), and such termination or resignation occurs prior to September 30, 2020, the executive will be entitled to receive the following severance payments and benefits, subject to the execution and non-revocation of a release of claims agreement containing, among other terms, confidentiality and non-solicitation restrictions, and other customary conditions:

A lump sum cash payment equal to 1.5 times (2.5 times for Mr. Stanley and 2.0 times for Mr. Doleshek) the sum of the executive's annual base salary and annual target bonus award opportunity;
A pro-rated bonus award for the year of termination, which shall be at the target level for executives other than Mr. Stanley and Mr. Doleshek, which shall be based on actual performance for the year;
Accelerated vesting of all outstanding equity and long-term incentive awards, provided that the vesting of performance-based awards is based on and subject to the actual level of performance in relation to applicable performance measures;
A lump sum cash payment representing 24 months of premium payment amounts required to continue the executive's and the executive's covered dependents' medical, dental and vision coverage pursuant to COBRA; and
For executives participating in the QEP Resources, Inc. Retirement Plan and/or the QEP Resources Inc. Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan, a cash payment representing two additional years of service credit under such plans.

The severance benefits payable under the Severance Letters are in lieu of any other severance entitlements applicable to the participating executives, provided that in the event a change in control of the Company occurs during the term of the Severance Letters, the executives will not receive the benefits under the Severance Letters and will instead be eligible to receive the benefits provided under the CIC Plan discussed above, which was previously adopted by our Board.

Our Board has concluded that the executive retention and severance compensation program described above is necessary to retain executive management who are integral to the successful execution of the strategic and financial initiatives intended to transition the Company to a pure-play Permian Basin company.