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QEP RESOURCES, INC. filed this Form DEF 14A on 04/05/2018
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Long-Term Incentive Program

Our long-term incentive (LTI) program is designed to align executive compensation with long-term stock price and TSR performance, both on an absolute basis and relative to industry peers.

Our Compensation Committee first determines the total target LTI value for the annual grant to NEOs. When making this determination for 2017, as reflected in the table below, our Compensation Committee decided to restore the total target LTI value for the majority of our officers to 2015 levels after having reduced grant values in 2016 by 10% in recognition of oil and gas industry conditions. Mr. Torgerson's grant was increased beyond 2015 levels to ensure competitiveness. Mr. Woosley's grant was increased beyond 2015 levels in recognition of his promotion to Senior Vice President and strong performance.
2015 LTI Grant Value
2016 LTI Grant Value
2017 LTI Grant Value
Mr. Stanley
Mr. Doleshek
Mr. Torgerson
Mr. Woosley
Ms. Fiala
Mr. Thompson

Our Compensation Committee then determines how to deliver that value through a mix of three vehicles: PSUs, stock options and restricted stock. The following charts reflect the mix of LTI awards for our NEOs in 2017.

http://api.tenkwizard.com/cgi/image?quest=1&rid=23&ipage=12174080&doc=11 http://api.tenkwizard.com/cgi/image?quest=1&rid=23&ipage=12174080&doc=12

Performance Share Units

PSUs utilize phantom shares of stock that track the value of QEP shares but are typically settled in cash. In 2017, PSUs align our executive compensation with the Company's TSR performance relative to our peers in the industry. The value realized for PSUs is dependent on both QEP's stock price and our TSR performance relative to our peers over a three-year period. The following chart summarizes the features of the PSU grants to our NEOs.