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QEP RESOURCES, INC. filed this Form DEF 14A on 04/05/2018
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Compensation Philosophy and Objectives

In designing and administering our executive compensation program, our Compensation Committee is guided by an overall philosophy that emphasizes the following objectives:

Attract, retain and reward effective leaders. Our philosophy is to attract, retain and reward effective leaders by paying our executives competitively with our peers, with a majority of executive pay being earned over time and dependent on Company performance. In order to gauge whether our compensation structure is competitive with our peers, we evaluate the range of current industry compensation practices to provide external benchmarks that help to guide our executive compensation structure. Our Compensation Committee determines individual total compensation targets within this framework to provide compensation that correlates with QEP's relative performance to its peers. We do not, however, target a specific percentile of the peer market data. This approach provides the flexibility needed to manage our executive compensation programs to meet our current business needs.

Pay for performance. Our executives should get paid more when the Company and our stock performs well and less when the Company and our stock is not performing well. To create the link between pay and performance, the majority of each of our NEO's compensation is based on the Company's attainment of short-term goals, long-term stock price performance and TSR performance relative to our peers.

Align our executives' interests with our shareholders' interests. Our executive compensation programs should incentivize our executives to think like shareholders and take into account shareholder concerns. Accordingly, a substantial portion of our compensation is provided in the form of long-term equity incentives that tie executive pay to stock performance. In addition, we require each of our NEOs to meet substantial stock ownership guidelines so that they have an investment in QEP and are incentivized to increase the value of that investment. We also engage in ongoing dialogue with our largest shareholders regarding executive compensation and governance matters, so that our executive compensation programs address any areas of concern.

Ensure appropriate management of risk. Our Compensation Committee believes that effective leadership in the oil and gas business requires taking prudent business risks while discouraging excessive risk-taking. To encourage this balance, our Compensation Committee has structured our compensation to include extended three-year vesting schedules on all LTI awards, and to base at least a portion of annual incentive awards on meeting strategic objectives regarding safety, legal and regulatory compliance. Annually, the Compensation Committee's independent compensation consultant conducts an assessment of our compensation programs to ensure that our programs do not encourage executives to take inappropriate or excessive risks that could negatively impact the Company. In addition, we strictly prohibit hedging, pledging or derivatives trading of QEP stock.