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QEP RESOURCES, INC. filed this Form PRE 14A on 03/09/2018
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the achievement of short- and long-term strategic objectives and enhance shareholder value. Where it is consistent with our compensation philosophy, the Compensation Committee may also attempt to structure compensation programs that are otherwise tax-advantageous to us. As of December 31, 2017, only outstanding awards under our CIP (i.e., our AIP awards and PSUs) can constitute performance-based compensation, although there is no requirement or guarantee that such awards will, in fact, qualify as performance-based compensation. Equity incentive awards under our LTSIP will not constitute performance-based compensation, as the LTSIP has not been approved by our shareholders subsequent to the spin-off of the Company from Questar Corporation in 2010.

Section 409A of the Code requires that nonqualified deferred compensation be deferred and paid under plans or arrangements that satisfy the requirements of the statute with respect to the timing of deferral elections, the timing of payments and certain other matters. Failure to satisfy these requirements can expose our employees and other service providers to accelerated income tax liabilities and penalty taxes and interest on their vested compensation under such plans. Our Compensation Committee endeavors to structure executive compensation in a manner that is either compliant with, or exempt from the application of, Section 409A of the Code, although there is no guarantee that any particular element of compensation will, in fact, be so compliant or exempt.

Fair Value of Stock-Based Payments – Awards of stock options and restricted stock under the LTSIP and awards of performance share units under the CIP are accounted for under Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) Topic 718 (FASB ASC Topic 718), formerly referred to as SFAS No. 123(R). FASB ASC Topic 718 requires the recognition of expense for the fair value of stock-based compensation, or in the case of awards settled in cash such as our PSUs, requires the recognition of expense based on the cash liability of such awards adjusted each measuring period. Our Compensation Committee considers the accounting and financial statement impact in evaluating QEP's executive compensation programs.

Assessment of Our Executive Compensation Program's Impact on Risk Taking

We annually evaluate the major risks to our business, including how risks taken by management could impact the value of executive compensation. Our Compensation Committee reviews a risk assessment (completed by the Consultant) of the Company's executive and non-executive compensation programs. Based on this review, our Compensation Committee believes that while there are certain risks inherent in the nature of the Company's business, the Company's compensation programs do not encourage our executives or our non-executive employees to take inappropriate or excessive risks. The risk-mitigating factors considered by our Compensation Committee included the following:
An appropriate balance of strategic, operating and financial performance measures, including operational metrics specifically targeted at the health and safety aspects of the Company's business;
A compensation clawback policy for amounts paid under the AIP (see section below titled "Clawback of Compensation");
An appropriate balance of fixed and Company performance-related compensation components;
A mix of cash and equity, with significant weight placed on long-term incentive awards;
Significant stock ownership requirements and policies prohibiting hedging, pledging and engaging in derivative transactions for all executives;
Extended three-year vesting schedules on equity grants;
Caps and defined thresholds for payout on most incentive awards; and
Compensation Committee authority over plan design and final determination of actual compensation awards.

Our Compensation Committee believes that these factors encourage all of our employees to focus on QEP's sustained long-term performance.