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QEP RESOURCES, INC. filed this Form PRE 14A on 03/09/2018
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Role of the Chief Executive Officer/Other Officers

The Compensation Committee considers input from the CEO when assessing overall company performance as well as individual performance of our other NEOs. The CEO does not participate in discussions or recommendations regarding his own compensation. Our CEO provides a written assessment of his performance to the independent directors at the end of each year. In the first quarter, the Board meeting agenda includes a discussion of Mr. Stanley's performance evaluation. In addition to the competitive analysis and other support provided by the Consultant, the Vice President, Human Resources, and her team also provide information to our Compensation Committee to aid the decision-making process, including executives' current compensation information, succession potential, organizational considerations, alignment with internal employee programs and Company performance. The Vice President, Human Resources does not participate in discussions or recommendations regarding her own compensation.

Role of the Independent Compensation Consultant

Our Compensation Committee has engaged Meridian Compensation Partners, LLC (Consultant), as its independent compensation consultant to help ensure that our executive compensation programs are competitive and consistent with our compensation philosophy. In making this decision, the Compensation Committee considered the following:
The Consultant's historical performance in supporting the Compensation Committee and its familiarity with our executive compensation programs;
Its extensive experience and familiarity with compensation programs of our peer companies and sector;
The range of compensation services offered by the Consultant; and
The independence of the Consultant, considering the independence factors outlined by the NYSE.

Our Compensation Committee determined the scope of the engagement, which included:

Providing benchmarking data on executive and outside director compensation for the Compensation Committee to use in its decision-making process;
Providing input into plan design discussions and individual compensation actions, as needed;
Evaluating any risks to our Company due to our executive compensation program;
Reviewing plan design and recommendations periodically;
Reviewing and providing feedback on the compensation-related disclosures in our proxy statement; and
Informing the Compensation Committee about recent trends, best practices and other developments affecting executive compensation.

The Consultant does not provide any other services to the Company. The Consultant attended all Compensation Committee meetings, including executive sessions as requested. The Consultant on occasion met with the Chair of the Compensation Committee or with members of management, including the CEO and Vice President, Human Resources, in carrying out these duties, but reported exclusively to our Compensation Committee. The Compensation Committee determined that the Consultant's work in 2017 did not create any conflicts of interest and that the Consultant remains independent.