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SEC Filings

QEP RESOURCES, INC. filed this Form PRE 14A on 03/09/2018
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Performance Measure -
Relative TSR
The payout is based on the Company's TSR over the performance period compared to the TSR of a group of peer companies over the same period. TSR combines share price appreciation and dividends paid, if any, to determine the total return to the shareholder. TSR is calculated using the average share price for the quarter immediately prior to the beginning and at the end of the performance period, and dividends paid during that period.
PSUs vest at the end of a three-year performance period and are payable in cash or shares upon Board certification in the first quarter of the following year.
Target Number of PSUs Awarded
The target number of PSUs awarded is determined by dividing the target dollar amount of LTI to be issued as PSUs by the closing price per share of QEP common stock on the grant date.
Peer Group
For awards with a 2017-2019 performance period, granted in February 2017, the peer group is outlined in the section titled "Peer Group."
Performance Scale
The performance scale is based on QEP's percentile rank in the peer group, with linear interpolation between each point:
• 90th percentile or above: 200% score
• 70th percentile: 150% score
• 50th percentile: 100% score
• 30th percentile: 50% score
• Below 30th percentile: 0% score
Payout Calculation
Cash payouts under the program at the end of the performance period are calculated using the following formula: Target # PSUs awarded X Performance Score X Average Q4 stock price of the final year of the performance period (Note: if awards are to be paid in shares, the same payout formula is used but would exclude the Average Q4 stock price component).
Termination Rules
For awards granted since November 2015, shares automatically vest only upon an involuntary or constructive termination following a change in control (double trigger). For awards granted before November 2015, in the event of a change in control, unvested PSUs vest immediately based on performance through the change in control. The shares do not automatically vest upon any other termination circumstance. In the event of retirement, death or disability, the number of PSUs is prorated based on termination date and paid based on actual performance at the end of the applicable performance period.

Looking Ahead to 2018:
Based on shareholder feedback, for the 2018 grant we have added a cap and floor on TSR, such that if QEP's TSR is between 0% and -25%, the payout is capped at 150% and if QEP's TSR is less than -25% the payout is capped at 100%. Likewise, if QEP's annualized TSR is greater than 15% during the performance period, the payout will be a minimum of 50%.

2015-2017 PSU Performance Period

The awards granted in February 2015 for the 2015-2017 performance period were eligible to vest upon the end of the performance period on December 31, 2017, subject to our relative TSR during the performance period as certified by our Compensation Committee. QEP's TSR ranked at the 44thpercentile of our peers, which resulted in a cash payout at 36% of grant date target value for each NEO who was employed as of the end of the performance period based on the vesting of 85% of the targeted number of PSUs. Our total shareholder return was just below the median of our peers, and the decline in absolute share price over the period decreased the value of the award further. The payout on the PSUs for the 2015-2017 performance period was as follows:
Target Award Value
Grant Price (2015)
Target PSUs
Vest Price (2017)
Cash Payout1
Cash Payout % of Target Award Value
Mr. Stanley

Mr. Doleshek

Mr. Torgerson

Mr. Woosley

Ms. Fiala


1The payout calculation is Target # PSUs x % Performance Score (rounded up to whole shares) x Vest Price (Average Q4 stock price of final year of performance period).