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QEP RESOURCES, INC. filed this Form PRE 14A on 03/09/2018
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Restored our use of stock options in our LTI award mix to 20% for all officers, resulting in an overall allocation of 70% performance-based LTI awards for our top three NEOs.

In addition, our Compensation Committee took the following actions in early 2018 based on performance through December 31, 2017:

Paid out the 2015 performance share unit (PSU) awards at 36% of grant date target based upon our relative total shareholder return (TSR) performance score of 85% from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2017 and the absolute share price performance over the same period; and
Approved an overall 2017 AIP company score of 89.6% and further reduced the final awards for our top three NEOs based on stock price performance.

Response to 2017 Shareholder Feedback

We value ongoing dialogue with our shareholders regarding our executive compensation programs. During 2017, we continued our shareholder outreach efforts consistent with our approach in 2016, including contacting shareholders (including our larger shareholders' representatives), who collectively held more than 65% of our outstanding shares. The feedback we received had some consistent themes, and many of our shareholders expressed that their feedback was not specific to QEP, but applied to our industry peers as well. Our shareholders expressed support for the changes we made in 2017 as well as a desire to see metrics in our incentive plans that demonstrate a focus on returns, cost control and metrics that directly incent bottom line performance. Feedback from our shareholders was reviewed and discussed by the Compensation Committee and our Board of Directors at our October 2017 and early 2018 meetings.

The following table shows the actions our Compensation Committee took in February 2018 as it relates to our 2018 executive compensation programs in response to shareholder feedback:

What We Heard
Our Response
Focus on returns
Maintain Drilling Rate of Return metric in the 2018 AIP
Possibility of paying 200% on PSUs for relative TSR performance is not acceptable if absolute TSR is negative; consider additional metrics that management can more directly influence
Add absolute TSR cap/floor to TSR portion of 2018 PSU plan; explore additional metrics in 2018 for potential implementation in 2019
Several questions about discretion and how the Compensation Committee made compensation decisions
Remove the 25% Strategic Initiatives metric from 2018 AIP, although the Compensation Committee reserves overall discretion on year end plan results; improve disclosure of metrics and decisions
Lack of clarity as to how QEP's metrics actually incent executive actions/decisions that drive bottom-line performance
Do not adjust metrics for commodity price fluctuations. Add additional disclosure around the metrics and why they are used. Incorporate specific metrics for our top executives to support the successful execution of the Company's new business strategy.
Incorporate cost control metrics
Add Lease Operating Expense plus Transportation & Processing Expense per Boe metric to 2018 AIP
Desire to calculate incentive results directly from financial statements as much as possible
Three of our five 2018 AIP metrics can be calculated from our 10K disclosure: Adjusted EBITDA, Lease Operating Expense plus Transportation & Processing Expense, and Production